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Telangana Government Advisor Muhammad Ali Shabbir Assures Resolution of Urdu Journalists’ Issues

In a promising move towards addressing the concerns of Urdu journalists in Telangana, Advisor to the Telangana government, Muhammad Ali Shabbir, has pledged to ensure their representation and resolve pertinent issues faced by the community. This assurance came during a meeting with a delegation from the Telangana Urdu Working Journalists Federation, led by Federation President MA Majid.

The delegation, which included key officials such as General Secretary Syed Ghous Mohiuddin, Vice Presidents Syed Azmat Ali Shah, Syed Ahmad Jilani, Joint Secretary Syed Laiq, and Muhammad Habibuddin, presented a memorandum outlining the challenges Urdu journalists encounter in the state.

A major concern raised by the federation was the abolition of accreditation cards for Urdu journalists at the Mandal level following the formation of Telangana, despite having this facility in the erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, the federation called for the cancellation of Decree Two Thirty-nine issued by the BRS government and advocated for justice for Urdu journalists.

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In response, Muhammad Ali Shabbir assured the delegation of his commitment to addressing these issues promptly. He pledged to arrange a meeting with the Minister of Information and Public Relations and officials of the Federation to initiate discussions and seek resolution. Furthermore, he expressed willingness to escalate the matter to the Chief Minister if necessary.

Highlighting the importance of Urdu journalists in shaping public discourse, Shabbir emphasized the need for journalists to focus on field reporting at both the state and district levels. He noted the absence of Urdu media representatives in the Chief Minister’s press conferences and urged for greater participation.

Furthermore, Shabbir advised providing proper and professional training to Urdu journalists to enhance their skills and emphasized the importance of advocating for the Urdu language. He reassured the delegation of the government’s unwavering support and commitment to standing alongside Urdu journalists in their endeavors.

The assurance from Muhammad Ali Shabbir brings hope to Urdu journalists in Telangana, signaling a positive step towards addressing their concerns and ensuring their rightful representation and support within the state.

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