Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Telangana Government Launches De-addiction Centers in Every District to Combat Drug Addiction

The Telangana State government has announced the creation of one de-addiction centre in each of the state’s 33 districts. This judgement came after the Telangana High Court criticised the slow reaction and opening of de-addiction centres. These facilities offer free treatment, yoga therapy, and counselling to anyone battling with alcohol or drug addiction, with the goal of assisting them in overcoming their addiction and preventing relapse.

The government’s statement in February came after the Telangana High Court voiced worry about the six-year delay in responding to the need for de-addiction institutes. After the breakup in 2014, the residual state of Andhra Pradesh has already developed 18 de-addiction centres in its 13 districts.

A Public Interest Litigation launched in 2016 by social activist Mamidi Venu Madhav sparked the effort to build de-addiction centres in all districts of Telangana. Despite repeated adjournments, the petitioner alleged that the state administration had not answered to the petition.

The creation of de-addiction facilities across Telangana indicates the government’s commitment to addressing drug misuse concerns and giving persons battling with addiction with the required support and therapy. These facilities seek to improve the well-being of impacted individuals while also contributing to the development of a healthier society.



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