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Telangana Launches State Cyber Security Bureau and Anti-Narcotics Bureau to Combat Crime

Telangana police have launched the Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau (TSCSB) and the Telangana State Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TSANB) to tackle cybercrime and narcotics. The function was presided over by Home Minister Mohd Mahmood Ali and Excise Minister V Srinivas Goud at the Integrated Command and Control Centre Building in Banjara Hills.

During the opening, Home Minister Mahmood Ali emphasised the government’s commitment to strengthening the police department and giving the funding needed to purchase advanced technologies for better crime prevention and detection. He emphasised that Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has consistently emphasised the significance of preserving peace and order in the state, which has greatly contributed to its growth and development.Minister Srinivas Goud praised the police department’s efforts to maintain peace and security in the state, which has resulted in a decrease in narcotics smuggling and sales.

Anjani Kumar, the Telangana Director General of Police (DGP), stated that there is now a blurred barrier between traditional crime and cybercrime because technology has a role in practically every conventional crime. He emphasised the importance of law enforcement organisations adapting to and addressing the changing terrain of criminal activity.

The formation of the TSCSB and TSANB indicates the Telangana government’s commitment to proactively combating cybercrime and narcotics, recognising the need of staying ahead of crime in an increasingly technologically driven society.



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