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Telangana Records Over 100,000 NOTA Votes in Lok Sabha Elections 2024

During the recent Lok Sabha elections, independent candidates and those representing smaller political outfits made a significant impact in several districts of Telangana. In districts like Medak, Warangal, Karimnagar, Peddapalli, Mahabubabad, Bhongir, and Hyderabad Assembly segments, these candidates managed to garner at least 80,000 votes, posing a challenge to mainstream political parties.

Across 17 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state, a total of 9,48,137 votes were polled in favor of independents and candidates from smaller political outfits. Notably, Warangal saw the highest number of votes for such candidates, with 85,254 votes, followed closely by Medak (81,537), Karimnagar (80,228), Peddapalli (76,718), Mahabubabad (76,232), Bhongir (75,717), and Hyderabad (9,940).

Additionally, the None of the Above (NOTA) option also received a substantial number of votes across the state, totaling 1,04,244 votes in all constituencies. Malkajgiri constituency witnessed the highest number of voters opting for NOTA, with 13,366 votes, while Adilabad recorded 11,762 votes in favor of NOTA.

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These results indicate a growing dissatisfaction among voters with mainstream political parties and a willingness to explore alternative options. The significant support garnered by independents and candidates from smaller political outfits suggests a desire for change and a demand for more representation from diverse voices in the political landscape.

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