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Termites Devour Savings: Woman Discovers Rs 18 Lakh Cash Damaged in Bank Locker

In a startling incident reported by National Media, a woman in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, discovered that her savings of Rs 18 lakh in cash had been damaged by termites while stored in a locker at the local Bank of Baroda branch.

This unfortunate incident occurred at the Ramganga Vihar branch of the bank, where Alka Pathak had kept not only the cash but also her jewelry. She had intended to save this money for her daughter’s upcoming wedding.

The revelation of the damaged money came to light during a routine visit by the bank, which had called Alka Pathak in for an agreement renewal and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Upon inspecting her stored funds, she was shocked to find that they had been adversely affected. Swiftly, she brought this matter to the attention of the branch manager, leading the bank authorities to initiate an immediate investigation.

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Alka Pathak expressed her astonishment, admitting that she had no prior knowledge that such a situation could occur. Had she been aware of this possibility, she claimed she would have reconsidered storing her money in a bank locker.

This incident bears a resemblance to a previous case in February, where termites wreaked havoc on a sum of Rs 2.15 lakh placed in a locker at a Punjab National Bank (PNB) branch located in Udaipur. Sunita Mehta, the owner of the affected money, had stored Rs 2 lakh in a fabric bag and the remaining cash separately.

Upon opening the bag, she was dismayed to discover that the termites had extensively damaged her savings. Furthermore, Rs 15,000, which she had kept separate from the bag, had also been tampered with. Following this discovery, she promptly informed the bank manager, who facilitated an exchange of the damaged Rs 15,000. According to Senior Manager Praveen Kumar Yadav, the bank’s higher authorities were promptly alerted, and they summoned the customer back to the bank to address the issue.



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