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The meat you are buying might be from deceased, unhealthy animals. Stay aware

Despite efforts to reduce the procurement and sale of unstamped meat, the same continues to exist in the market of the state capital. Several meat shops and restaurants are still selling dishes or raw meat from unstamped stock that comes from infected or deceased animals.  

There have been many raids, awareness programmes and investigations in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation vicinity over the availability of such meat and chicken as it can lead to different zoonotic diseases.  

The government rules strongly debar restaurants and other eateries from using unstamped meat to cook orders. They are supposed to be bought from government-approved slaughter houses, which include the ones in Amberpet, New Bhoiguda, Ramnaspura and Jiaguda. The waste left after slaughtering the livestock, goat and others go to Chengicherla, where a rendering plant takes care of it.  

All meat shops and hotels are regularly monitored to ensure the meat being sold comes from healthy and disease-free animals from the notified slaughterhouses. Nevertheless, many top restaurants and hotels were found using unstamped meat in January 2021. 

The string of such cases started from April 2020 as the veterinary department of GHMC filed cases against 683 people for engaging in the act. Close to Rs 18 lakh was slapped on them as a penalty. 1,222.5 kg of unstamped meat and 1,399 kg of beef was seized then. 

Government-approved slaughterhouses sell meat obtained from animal farms close to it. To be safe for consumption, the animals undergo various health checkups. Their heart rate, respiration, general appearance and temperature are checked before slaughtering.  

Post this, the meat is checked again and then stamped for selling in the market.  

As such, it is possible for unaware customers to buy unstamped meat. Look out for stamped meat and GHMV approved stores before purchasing chicken or other meat items.  

Shops who fail to abide by the rules will face action from the GJHMC authorities including hefty fines, officials said.  

Stamped meat allows customers to have the peace of mind that the meat they are consuming is hygienic and free of any bacteria or viruses that can induce harm to their health. Customers can get the same checked with a store owner or ask for the approval certificate if they are sceptical of the meat’s quality.