Saturday, October 24, 2020
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This Hyderabad Woman Has Had a Fortunate Escape

Hyderabad: A woman had a close call when a weak structure adjoining the popular Akanna Madanna temple in the old city of Hyderabad collapsed.

The woman’s close call was caught on CCTV and the video circulated around the web via online media.

As per police, nobody was killed or harmed in the occurrence as the old house on Hari Bowli street close to Moghalpura was deserted.

The video, recorded Wednesday night, shows a burka-clad woman moving in a rush before the temple. As she was passing by the old structure, it unexpectedly collapsed. She moved quickly and it was just a small amount of a second which had made the difference.


A man on a bike originating from the other way additionally got away from it safe. Rubble fell out and about and a cloud of dust enveloped the whole region.

A misfortune was deflected because of slight traffic out and about. A cop said however a bustling street, it had hardly any vehicles plying because of the awful climate.

Substantial downpours on Tuesday night set off unprecedented floods in and around Hyderabad, taking 19 lives. Nine of them were killed in a house collapse in Bandlaguda.

This was the second occurrence of house collapse in the old city in three days. Two people were killed when an old house collapsed in Hussaini Alam on Sunday.

Taking a genuine note of the occurrences, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister K. T. Rama Rao asked the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) authorities to recognize frail buildings and empty them.

He requested that authorities utilize the force, if essential, to empty such buildings.

Following his direction, authorities vacated 14 haggard structures on Wednesday.



source: with input from ians