Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Thousands take pledge in Bengaluru to conserve water

Bengaluru: About 10,000 people, including the physically challenged and women, took the pledge to conserve water, here on Saturday.

The Samarthanam Trust and DXC Technology jointly organized the event on the theme of “Save water, save a life” with a walkathon to spread awareness on water scarcity and conservation, the Trust said in a statement.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Tejasvi Surya, Bengaluru South Lok Sabha member, and MLAs from the Jayanagar Assembly seat Soumya Reddy (Congress) flagged off the 3.5km walkathon to the stadium for taking the pledge by the participants, who carried placards with messages “Save water for a better tomorrow”.

The International Day of the persons with disabilities was commemorated with the walkathon.

“Bengaluru needs a solution to the threat of water being drained off the lives of 11 million denizens. We should conserve, preserve and adopt means of recycling the water,” Surya said.

The young parliamentarian also announced a national award for persons and organizations providing solutions to conserve water.

The event also highlighted the need to ensure safe discharge of wastewater, recycling of greywater and promote ways of water utilization at residential and organizational levels.