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Timely Rescue by Fire Department Saves Trapped Passengers in Faulty Lift at Hyderabad Shopping Complex

A potentially deadly situation arose in Hyderabad on Tuesday when twelve people, including a pregnant woman was stuck in a faulty lift at a shopping complex in Moosarambagh. The lift abruptly halted in the middle of its journey, leaving the passengers stranded and in need of rapid assistance.

Recognising the gravity of the situation, the shopping center’s workers attempted to open the elevator and rescue the trapped people. However, their attempts were futile, heightening the sense of terror among those trapped within.

Fortunately, the Malakpet fire department was soon alerted and rushed to the scene. Their trained personnel arrived on time, fully equipped with the tools and experience needed to carry out a successful rescue operation.

The team carefully analysed the situation and prepared a plan to safely evacuate the individuals from the elevator, led by fire official Mustafa. The fire department responded quickly to the rescue operation, focusing on the safety of everyone involved.


The fire service successfully rescued all twelve people from the faulty lift thanks to their professional knowledge and coordinated efforts. During the rescue, their quick and professional response saved any harm or casualties.

All individuals stuck in the lift were safely evacuated to the ground as a consequence of the Malakpet fire department’s quick action, saving them from a potentially traumatic and hazardous scenario.



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