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TMS-JAC Rolls Out Flash Protest Against Delay In Rebuilding Mosques

Accusing the Telangana government of dilly dallying the issue of construction of mosques at Secretariat, the Tahreek Muslim Shabban said that all the promises made by the CM K.Chandrashekhar Rao and his coteries proved to be a hoax while the mosques are not yet appeared anywhere in the proposed site. As such the TMS-Joint Action Committee (JAC) has decided to roll out a ‘flash protect’ in the old city against the delay in reconstruction of mosques on their own place.

Raising a question over the credibility of the government Mohd Mushtaq Malik, President Tahreek Muslim Shabban said, “It appears that the TRS government is playing a mockery of Muslims by its shallow promises. Though a period of 16 months has been passed since the demolition of the mosques at Secretariat, no appropriate measures have been taken to rebuild the same at a place which is neither the government’s own property nor it enjoys any right over the same.”

“The slew of lies begins with the Chief Minister KCR who made promises twice on the assembly floor about rebuilding of mosques followed by the Minister of Roads and Building, the Home Minister, the Minister of Minorities and then the Chairman Waqf Board Mohd Saleem who even hold a meeting with the Tahreek delegation and unfolded a prototype plan of a proposed Secretariat claiming that the government is in the process of calling tenders and the mosques will be rebuild soon. However, it appears that the government keep on playing fool with the Muslims through shallow promises,” recalled Mushtaq Malik.

“Almost 16 months ago, more precisely on July 7th 2019, the two mosques were trampled at state secretariat and the government keep on holding the land illegally into its possession” he said adding that “The mosques are notified wakf properties with gazette entries and government have no right and entitlement at all over the same.”

It is against this background a review meeting was conducted at the Head Office of Tahreek Muslim Shabban on November 7, by the Joint Action Committee to discuss the Secretariat mosques demolition issue in length. All the leaders of umbrella organisations took part and pounded over the issue during the meeting that lasted for two hours.

The flash protest, he said, will be held in the city in the first phase to demand early construction of the mosques at secretariat. Protests will be held in different localities wherein the protesters. The protest will be disseminated deeper into district headquarters in the second phase. “JAC fervently appeal the Muslims Youths, Masjid Organizing Committees and Students of Madrasas besides the foot soldiers of the community to hold flash protests in concerned localities in a similar way they raise voices against the imposition of NRC-CAA-NPR,” urged Mohd Mushtaq Malik.