“Tongue in Cheek — A Civil Servant Recalls” book released

August 11th, 2019

Hyderabad: K Padmanabhaiah, Umapathi Rao and other senior civil servants released a book titled “Tongue in Cheek – A Civil Servant Recalls” at PVRK Prasad Hall, Dr MCR HRD Institute. Some 100 civil servants, including K Swaminathan,  SV Prasad,  K Pradeep Chandra,  AK Goel, and many other serving and retired Civil Servants were present.

The book authored by Shripad Bhalerao, IAS (Retd.) proved beyond an iota of doubt that the ever-busy civil servants can be witty and humorous too and that humor in Bobudom can always co-exist. Dr S K Joshi, IAS, Chief Secretary, said many humorous incidents happen during the tenure of a civil servant. He congratulated Shripad Bhalerao for writing a book based on his witty experiences aimed at making his readers enjoy and also feel happy. “Such incidents are not only a source of feeling good but also provide opportunities to learn about life and profession”, he added.

A number of eminent civil servants, including  K Padmanabhaiah,  Umapathi Rao and others also spoke. They unanimously said people outside Babudom do not  know that a lot of humor takes place in the Government files and in the day-to-day conduct of work by Officials and Politicians. “The book, which narrates these humorous stories, need to be read for the sake of both enjoyment and learning”, they added.

B.P. Acharya, IAS, DG, Dr MCR HRD Institute, said the ability to laugh at oneself and his colleagues in a non-offensive way is a challenging task. Bhalerao is the best at this craft. The book contains a caricature of Bhalerao drawn by Acharya.

The artists of Little Theatre, Hyderabad read out some of the interesting events from the book. Shripad Bhalerao explained the context of the book. He served for 37 years, between 1975 and 2012 in the combined Andhra Pradesh, and retired as Special Chief Secretary to Government. Supriya Bhalerao, who published the book, also spoke. (NSS)