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Tragic Murder-Suicide: Couple Found Dead in Sangareddy Home

A guy named Allam Yadagiri (36) killed his wife, Yashodha (30), by cutting her throat before hanging himself at Pothireddypally hamlet near Sangareddy. Yadagiri, a plumber, had been having ongoing disagreements with his wife for quite some time.

When the couple did not reply to the neighbors’ attempts to reach them in the early hours of Saturday, the neighbors forcibly unlocked the doors to uncover the lifeless bodies of Yadagiri and Yashodha.

The Sangareddy Rural Police have registered a case and are actively investigating the incident. The bodies have been taken to the Sangareddy Government Hospital for postmortem assessment.

The local community is in shock as a result of this tragic tragedy, and officials are attempting to investigate the facts surrounding the deaths and the underlying reasons that led to such a distressing end.



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