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Transport Minister Ponnam Prabhakar Orders Stringent Checks for School Buses

In a move to enhance road safety for schoolchildren, Minister for Transport Ponnam Prabhakar has issued directives to the Road Transport authorities to rigorously inspect every school bus before issuing fitness certificates. The announcement was made during a teleconference with transport officials.

Minister Prabhakar emphasized the critical importance of ensuring that no school bus operates on the roads without a valid fitness certificate. He instructed the officials to conduct comprehensive road safety awareness programs to educate school bus operators and the public about the necessary safety measures.

Furthermore, the Minister revealed plans to discuss with Chief Minister Revanth Reddy the need for permanent buildings for the Transport Department, aiming to improve infrastructure and efficiency within the department.

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In addition to the safety measures, Minister Prabhakar also addressed the financial performance of the transport authorities. He stressed the need to boost revenue collection in line with government guidelines and congratulated officials who achieved 100 percent tax collection. Those with lower quarterly collections were advised to enhance their performance.

The Minister’s directives underscore the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of schoolchildren and improving the efficiency and revenue of the Transport Department.

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