Monday, March 8, 2021
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TRS meets EC on symbols, social media, ahead GHMC polls

A team of TRS leaders including B Vinod Kumar, Srinivas Reddy today urged the Election Commission to take measures to avoid confusion on symbols ahead of the GHMC polls.

The EC has to focus on social. Media campaign which is posting false or wrong posts they said. They called on state election chief Partha Sarathi and gave a memorandum to remove similar symbols to avoid confusion and loss to any party.

Later they told media persons that due to the roti maker symbol in the Dubbaka By-poll the TRS lost the votes. We urged the EC to shift focus on removing similar symbols to avoid confusion to voters ahead of GHMC polls.

The EC was urged to focus on bad campaigners in social media for causing a lot of inconveniences, they said. Many people got confused with the roti maker symbol and the TRS faced defeat in the Dubbaka By-poll, they said. Even earlier the TRS has asked the EC to remove truck and road roller, other symbols that are like car symbols of the party.

Now we asked the EC to ensure clear symbols and sought for removal of such symbols which will confuse the people. The EC has promised to look into the issues and addresses.

The KCR government is implementing better schemes in the state. There are good law and order and business, industries are back on track despite the corona effect. People from all states make better a living in the city for its, peaceful atmosphere, he added.