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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Sells First Tweet In Cryptocurrency

On Saturday, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter declared that he was going sell his absolute first tweet of March 6, 2006 as exceptional digital money, and the offer had effectively reached $2,67,000 (almost Rs 2 crore).

Dorsey Uses Unique Cryptocurrency To Sell Tweet

Dorsey tweeted with an offering connect to NFT (non-fungible token) through a stage called Valuables. NFT is an advanced decent on the Ethereum blockchain. The absolute first tweet by Dorsey on March 6, 2006 read: “simply setting up my twttr”.

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Dorsey on Saturday tweeted a connection where the offering interaction to purchase the tweet was on: “” As per Valuables, “What you are buying is a computerized endorsement of the tweet, extraordinary in light of the fact that it has been marked and confirmed by the maker”.

The Tweet For Available For Free

In any case, the truth of the matter is that this tweet has been openly accessible free of charge for almost 15 years on the web. NFTs permit individuals to purchase and sell responsibility for advanced things and monitor who possesses them utilizing the blockchain.

The craftsman Grimes as of late sold a few NFT things for almost $6 million. A NFT of LeBron James making a memorable dunk for the Lakers earned more than $200,000.  “The band Kings of Leon is delivering its new collection as a NFT. The sale house Christie’s, offers on a NFT by the craftsman Beeple are as of now venturing into the large numbers,” reports NPR.

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Non-fungible mean you can’t trade it for something else of equivalent worth.

The NFT alludes to a unit of money on the Blockchain, the manner in which digital currency like Bitcoin is purchased and sold.