Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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UK vaccine attracts Indians as rapid enquiries to travel to UK begin

With England becoming the first nation in the world to approve covid-19 vaccines, the development has fuelled Indians to grab the vaccine by going all the way to the United Kingdom.

As such, travel agents have also started getting enquiries from many Indians expressing their need to go to the country for the purpose of receiving the shot as the vaccination programme hasn’t been launched in India yet.

Since its Wednesday’s approval announcement, travel agents are gearing up to cater to their customers who are ringing the lines for UK tickets.

A certain agent is even preparing to furnish a 3-night package to the UK for interested Indians wanting to avail the advantage of the mass vaccination programme before it gets launched in India.

With the administration expected to start from next week, UK became the first one to issue permit to the Pfizer vaccine that developed in partnership with the German BioNTech post “rigorous” evaluations done by its independent regulating body, MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).

PTI reported a Mumbai-based travel agency saying that he received queries on Wednesday regarding “how and when and if” they are eligible to make a trip to England in order to get the vaccine for the deadly virus that has engulfed the world.

He said that it will be quite early to respond to the questions as the first preference in the UK will be awarded to those in the high-risk category including the elderly, people with comorbidities and healthcare workers.

Co-founder and CEO of a travel agency,’s Nishant Pitti told media that despite this season being unconventional and not the desired phase to go to England by passengers, he received many enquiries from Indians who already have visas to the UK and can afford the tickets, after the announcement by the British government.

Pitti said could provide answers only after fetching clarity regarding the quarantine compulsions from the UK government. As of now, they are seeking the information as to whether travellers, who are landing in London solely for the purpose for getting vaccinated, need to be under quarantine and if Indians are being allowed to receive the vaccine along with the rest of the Britishers.

A 3-night package is underway to be launched for the trip to the UK only to those Indians who want to go for getting vaccinated.

“We are dealing with an airline to offer fixed price seats. We already have deals with London hotels. And we are planning to do some deal with a hospital over there so that we can generate a package for that,” he said.

However, according to the UK government’s latest set of rules, beginning from December 15th, all international passengers would have to go into self-isolation for a span of 5 days after which, on the 6th day, a RT-PCR test would be conducted. A passenger will be allowed to go their way and leave the isolation on the 6th day only after they are found to be covid-19 negative in the reports.

Yesterday, a Bengaluru-based agency spoke about the queries it is receiving from Indians as to whether they can travel to the UK to avail the vaccine for a short trip, without being sent into quarantine.

Nevertheless, Jyoti Mayal, President, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) was quoted by PTI saying that people currently are “waiting and watching” to witness how the vaccine will affect people, including any adverse effects.

“Though the government has said there would be no side effects of the vaccine, people want to watch all this before getting the shot,” Mr Mayal pointed.