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Unsettling Discovery: Hyderabad Police Investigate Mysterious Murder in Kuntloor Village

.A 25-year-old man named K Rajesh was found killed in an isolated area in Kuntloor hamlet, Hayathnagar on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The victim, from Mulugu in the Warangal district, had been missing for four days. Locals discovered the body after noticing a bad odour rising from an open area on Monday morning.

The police were called, and when they arrived, they discovered that the man had no clothing on and was injured. DCP L B Nagar, Sri Sai B, confirmed that it was a murder case and indicated that more information was being gathered regarding the occurrence. The authorities began investigating Rajesh’s family and acquaintances, discovering that he had only recently arrived in the city. They are also looking into if Rajesh had any relationships with women. A case has been opened.

Hayathnagar police have arrested someone in connection with the crime. This person is the husband of the woman with whom Rajesh was supposedly connected. The police learned that the wife had committed suicide two days before, leading them to believe that Rajesh was also murdered by her husband on the same day. The inquiry is still ongoing in order to acquire additional information and determine the full scope of the occurrence.



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