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UP ATS arrests four Rohingyas for entering India illegally

The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) have arrested four persons, including three women, allegedly of Rohingya origin, on charges of illegally crossing the India-Bangladesh border and entering India under false identities, a top police official said.

The suspects impersonated themselves as Indian citizens using forged documents, ATS claimed. The arrested individuals were identified as Aamir Hamza, 21, Meena Jahan, 19, Sukura Begum, 22, and Onatra Begum, 19, all residents of Myanmar.

Director Beneral of Police (DGP), Prashant Kumar, said that the Uttar Pradesh ATS had been gathering intelligence regarding the illegal entry of Rohingya citizens into India through the porous India-Bangladesh border.

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“These individuals were suspected of using forged documents to establish themselves as Indian nationals and engaging in anti-national activities across various states in India. Upon receiving credible information, the Uttar Pradesh ATS team intercepted a group of Rohingya citizens, including women, travelling from Silchar, Assam, to New Delhi via train on March 27,” Kumar added.

Sources in the ATS disclosed that the girls were being trafficked to Jammu and Kashmir. Senior police officers revealed that Aamir Hamza used to lure girls from Myanmar on the pretext of good job opportunities and salary.

Later, he provided them with fake Indian identities and sent them to states like Jammu and Kashmir, Telangana and Karnataka.

Sources further said Aamir would be subjected to further questioning. He would be questioned about his associates in Bangladesh as well as in India and how many young girls he had trafficked from Myanmar to India.

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