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UP Brides Call Off Wedding Over Gutka Chewing and Drunk Groom

In another case of marriage, Uttar Pradesh recently reported that a bride in the Pratapgarh district turned away her drunk groom. On the other hand, a bride in the Ballina district refused to marry the groom because he chewed “gutka”.

Bride Turns Away Husband Over Gutka 

As per the latest reports, Shailendra Singh from the Maniyar police station said that the bride who hails from Mishrauli village was married to the man from Khejuri village on June 5. But, as the groom came during the marriage procession, she saw him chewing gutka.
Following this, she refused to marry him. After hours of persuasion as the bride stayed on her decision, the wedding was called off. Both the families have decided to return the gifts they received from each other.

Drunk Groom Forces Bride To Dance 

Within a week of the previous incident, another bride from the Pratapgarh district had refused to marry the groom. Reports suggest that the groom came drunk and forced her to dance with him. When the situation got ugly, the police were called. After their intervention, the family of the groom agreed to return the dowry gifts.

Bride Dies During the Ceremony, Groom Marries Sister 

Last month, in another wedding incident from Uttar Pradesh, the sister of the bride was made to marry the groom. The bride reportedly collapsed and died in the middle of the ceremony. The incident happened in Sanadpur from Etawah district where Surabhi was marrying a local resident Manoj Kumar.
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However, during the ceremony, after exchanging the garlands, Surabhi collapsed on the stage. Soon, a doctor was called to treat her and was declared dead. Doctor revealed that the bride had died of a massive cardiac arrest in the middle of the ceremony.

Reports suggest that after the incident, both the families sat together and agreed to get Surabhi’s younger sister married to Manoj Kumar.