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UP cleric asks Muslim women to avoid salons where men work

A cleric in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district on Friday said that Muslim women must avoid going to the beauty salons where men are employed. Mufti Asad Qasmi, it is “forbidden” and “unlawful” for women to get their makeup done at such establishments.

Qasmi further advised that women should instead opt for salons where there are only female employees. Last month, a Kanpur woman filed a police complaint claiming that her husband pronounced triple talaq over the phone from Saudi Arabia upon learning that she had her eyebrows shaped.

Gulsaiba told police that her husband was “old fashioned” and raised objections over her fashion choices. She said that her husband initiated a video call during which he noticed her newly shaped eyebrows.

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He questioned her about it, and despite her explanations that she had got her eyebrows shaped because she felt her face did not look good with unruly hair, he became angry and pronounced talaq three times over the video call.

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