Sunday, July 5, 2020
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UP man beaten to death by cricket bat by family rivals

Badaun/Lucknow: A 55-year-old man from Uttar Pradesh was thrashed with a cricket bat until he died. The gruesome crime was committed by the enemy clan of man’s family in the Saidpur area which falls under the Badaun district. The incident occurred during a dispute with the rivals regarding the sharing of money offered by devotees at the shrine where the two families worked as caretakers.

The fight took place on Sunday and soon got violent.

The victim’s son informed the police about the bloodshed and they registered an FIR against four people who were a part of the crime. One of them got arrested, late on Sunday evening. According to the police, the victim was beaten to death with a cricket bat.

As stated by the reports, Mohd Shaqir and Anwar’s family members were the descendants of the shrine which they took care of. This shrine, situated in Saidpur village used to see collection of offerings in the form of money. Both the families would then share the offerings between themselves.

The families had a dispute related to the shares received through the offerings at the shrine some days back.

This led to Anwar with his associates, Bachchan, Sartaj and Shahbaz to reach Shaqir’s house and barge inside violently to attack. The incident took place on the night of the tiff of Saturday/Sunday.

The four then began hitting Shaqir’s family using a cricket bat and sticks.

55 years old Shaqir suffered a head injury while his son Sonu sustained minor injuries on his hands due to the attacks. The father and son duo were rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, Shaqir succumbed to his injuries and died during the treatment.

Circle officer Raghvendra Singh said, “There was a fight between the family members of two over the sharing of offerings at the shrine. Shaqir died after being hit by a cricket bat. We have booked four accused under IPC sections 304 (culpable homicide) and  323 (voluntarily causing hurt) on the complaint of his son.”

Police officials are investigating the case further and interrogating the accused. They will be brought before the court and given their deserving punishment.

All the four attackers were charged under sections 304 and 323 of the Indian Penal Code.