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UP man injured as mobile phone explodes in pocket

A 47-year-old businessman in Aligarh suffered burn injuries after his mobile phone of a premium brand exploded.The man, Prem Raj Singh, said that the phone, bought around three years ago, was in his pocket when he felt it becoming hot, and smoke started coming out of it.

“I took it out of my pocket and it exploded with a loud sound following which it broke into two pieces,” he said. After the incident, Singh was taken to hospital where he was given treatment for burn injuries on his left thumb and thigh.

“I have been using the same brand for many years but since the incident, I have lost faith in the company. I was lucky that nothing major happened,” Singh said, adding that he filed a police complaint against the manufacturer at Mahua Khera police station on Sunday.

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SHO Vijay Singh said, “The matter is being investigated. Action will be taken based on the investigation. This is not the first instance of a mobile phone ‘exploding’.

In December last year, a 13-year-old boy from Mathura district sustained burn injuries after his smartphone of a Chinese brand exploded while he was playing a game on it.









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