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UP Police To Force Eve-Teasers To Confess With Parental Pressures

As most of the schools have reopened in Uttar Pradesh, the police have been on high alert for girls’ safety. In the latest update, the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) has directed four squads.

SSP Issues Strict Patrolling Outside Colleges 

The SSP, Abhishek Yadav said in a statement that now that the festival season has begun and the colleges have also reopened, he has ordered patrolling in different areas. Any boys found loitering around girls colleges and schools in Muzaffarnagar will have to bring their parents to the police station for counselling. The boys will be detained to explain their act to their parents.

He said that the idea is to ensure that there is consistent parental pressure on the young boys without humiliating or shaming them. The police squads formed will also keep eyes on marketplaces especially in the evenings.

The occurrence of eve-teasing incidents recorded have increased even though the majority of the cases have gone unreported.

Leaves For UP Police Personnel Cancelled Till October 18 

In another update, in the view of the upcoming festivals and programmes scheduled by the farmer’s body Samyukt Kisar Morcha (SKM), the leave for all Uttar Pradesh Police Personnel has been cancelled till October 18.

Prashant Kumar, Additional Director General, Law and Order issued an order on Sunday regarding the same. It further added that in case of unavoidable reasons, the police headquarters will sanction leave.

The order will be implemented with immediate effect. Durga Puja and Ramlila celebrations are currently going on in the state and Dusshera will be celebrated on October 15.

This comes after the SKM has decided to hold “antim ardas” on Tuesday for the farmers who had died in the violence in Lakhimpur Kheri on October 3. It has further announced that they will be conducting “rail roko” protest on October 18.

Meanwhile, the political parties are also starting yatras for the 2022 assembly polls.