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UP transgender community elated over Ram temple opening

The mood in the transgender community in Uttar Pradesh is upbeat ahead of opening of Ram temple in Ayodhya. ‘Gaddipati’ and the President of the Kinnar Samaj in Ayodhya district, Pinky Mishra, said it was this community that cradled Shri Ram in their arms, played the dholak-majira to celebrate, offered blessings, and accepted the ‘neg’ (offering).

This ‘neg’, declined by many despite King Dasharatha’s countless requests, was embraced by the community. Pinky added: “When Lord Shri Ram returned from exile, the community expressed their heartfelt devotion, sharing with him, ‘Lord, we remained away from Ayodhya, patiently awaiting your return, engaging in meditation, worship, and praise’.”

Touched by their incredible dedication, Lord Shri Ram bowed his head in acknowledgment and blessed them. He declared that in any household, whenever an auspicious occasion occurs, the community should extend congratulations and blessings, accepting the ‘neg’ in return.

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This tradition has persisted since that sacred moment. With the joyous return of Ram, there is an overwhelming sense of happiness. She further emphasised the significant role played by Gorakshpeeth in the struggle for the birthplace.

Whether it was Mahant Digvijaynath or Mahant Avaidyanath, Gorakshanath consistently played a crucial role whenever there was progress in the Janmabhoomi Mukti Movement.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath frequently asserts, “I have only one king – that is Raja Ram”. His commitment to the development of Raja Ram’s city serves as a testament to this belief.

Nargis, another transgender, said that Ayodhya Dham is destined to become a model city in terms of both development and heritage preservation. This vision was championed by Yogi Adityanath, a devout follower of Shri Ram, who made a resolute commitment towards this cause.

Witnessing the transformation of Ayodhya during this period, Guru Shanti Kinnar’s eyes are brimming with emotion. Guru Shanti remarks that the extent of change they see in Ayodhya is beyond the capability of any political leader.

Guru Shanti Kinnar finds it challenging to articulate her joy in words upon seeing Lord Ram return to his palace and adds that she eagerly awaits an invitation from the Trust.

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