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Video Sparks Debate Over Alleged Internal Conflict in Telangana BJP Leadership

A video posted by BJP national executive member A Jithender Reddy has ignited debate in Telangana, implying an alleged internal conflict within the state’s BJP leadership. A man is seen in the video kicking a buffalo in order to push it onto a truck. Reddy’s accompanying tweet read, “This treatment is what’s required for BJP Telangana leadership,” and tagged major BJP personalities such as Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Telangana BJP chairman Bandi Sanjay, and BJP Telangana Twitter handles.

The mysterious nature of the post sparked discussion, with many believing it was intended for Bandi Sanjay. In response to the outrage, Reddy issued another tweet explaining that his purpose was not to particularly attack Bandi Sanjay, but rather those within the party who opposed his leadership.

Telangana Congress chief A Revanth Reddy also joined the conversation with a tweet in Telugu, agreeing with Jitender Reddy’s comparison and indicating that it mirrors internal BJP problems.The episode reveals apparent internal dynamics and tensions inside the Telangana BJP leadership, as well as political manoeuvring among competing parties in the state.

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