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Viral fever grips city as Hospitals bursting into seams with patients and children

In the middle of the winter season, the entire Hyderabad city grips with viral fever as the hospitals spread across the state capital are witnessing an increasing number of cases every day wherein children and adults are found suffering from coughing, diarrhea and fever besides other health complications.

Not just the city, even the hospitals in outskirt areas and neighbouring districts too are witnessing a similar situation where people were seen standing in a queues along with their children for medical check-up.

Apart from persistent coughing, diarrhea and fever, the patients are even complaining about body pain and other anomalies to which the doctors are suggesting antibiotics and in some cases they were treated with overdose.

It is said that a significant number of patients are children who were brought by their children to be diagnosed. As children have weak immunity, they are very much prone to any kind of seasonal ailments.

Attributing the situation to prevailing climate change conditions, the medical experts in the city said many of the people are complaining about persistent coughing, diarrhea and fever that may generally occur at the time when sudden weather changes take place. However, the viral fever is severely impacting the children and often forces the doctors to treat them as inpatients under close supervision.

Apart from this, the experts observed that the patients are also complaining of fever for almost a month with a runny nose while the delayed results of medication on the patient’s body caught the doctors by surprise. Though the children are found suffering from breathing problems due to fever and coughing, no signs and symptoms of phenomena or other ailments were detected in them during the medication.

Generally, parents visit the paediatricians with children suffering from sore throat and coughing but later they were found suffering even from fever, cold, running nose and body pain etc. Apart from suggesting medicines, the doctors are advising the parents to keep the environment clean inside and outside their houses. Apart from this, they are also urging the parents to feed the children with healthy food to boost their immunity.