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Viral fever grips Hyderabad hospitals causing a rush of patients

Many hospitals in Hyderabad are seeing an increase in outpatients as a result of a surge in seasonal infections and viral fever. Patients have reported fever, sore throat, cough, cold, body pain, and other symptoms.

Most patients, particularly children and the elderly, take a long time to recover. Despite taking medications, the symptoms are taking their time to go away.

Taking antibiotics is not a solution

People in Hyderabad are taking antibiotics without consulting their doctors due to a surge in viral fever. Antibiotics do not work against viruses, so this approach is not a viable option.

Aside from that, excessive antibiotic use contributes to the bacterial resistance problem. Antibiotics can be used to treat illnesses caused by bacteria rather than viruses.

Since bacteria are living organisms, antibiotics can inhibit their growth and reproduction. The same cannot be said for viruses.

During the winter season, viral fever cases in Hyderabad hospitals increase.

Though viral fever is common in Hyderabad during the winter season from October to February, hospitals in Hyderabad are seeing an increase in the number of cases this year.

Hospitals in Hyderabad are seeing an increase in patients as more people stop wearing masks, exposing themselves to viral fever and other seasonal infections.

How can you avoid getting a viral fever?

Though catching viral fever during the winter season in Hyderabad is not uncommon, there are some best practises to avoid catching the viral fever.

Frequent hand wash: It is a known fact that most viruses and bacteria enter the human body through hands as they come into contact with many surfaces.

Thus washing hands frequently drops the risk of catching viral fever and other infections drastically.

Wearing mask: Though mask was common during the rise in COVID-19 cases, now it has become optional for many people.

Masks not only prevent the spread of coronavirus but also acts as the best protection against viral fever and other infections.

Warm and healthy food: Healthy food plays an important role in boosting the immunity of human beings which in turn helps them in fighting against many kinds of viruses and bacteria.

Due to the fact that viruses cannot survive in high temperatures, consuming warm food is considered as good as it prevents the transmission of viruses through food.





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