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Wakf Board will work more efficiently under new body: Mohd.Masiullah Khan

Almost two month after the Board members’ election, the name of Mohd Masiullah Khan appeared as newly elected Chairmen of the Telangana State Wakf Board (TSWB).

TRS leader and former Chairmen Telangana State Haj Committee Mohd Masiullah Khan took the charge of his new post soon after he was elected as Chairman Telangana State Wakf Board on Saturday.

Earlier a meeting was held in the Chairmen’s Chamber that witnessed the presence of all the newly elected members of the Wakf Board besides Home Minister Mahmood Ali.

Starting with ad nauseam of safeguarding the Wakf lands and properties from the clutches of land sharks, the newly elected Chairmen Mohd Wasiullah Khan said, “We are committed to ensure protection of Wakf assets in the state with a more efficacious approach than ever with the help of all the members.”

Assuring that he will be made available during the prescribed office time from 11.00am to 1.00pm, he asked the people to approach him with their pleas and complaints to resolve the issues.

Urging the entire Muslim community to extend full cooperation in safeguarding the wakf properties, the chairmen said that “Besides wakf board, every member of the Muslim community is identically holds the responsibility to protect the wakf lands from encroachments. The people can bring the encroachments to the notice of the board that would help the members and the officials to take appropriate measures to prevent such audacities.”

Assuring that the new body of the wakf board will perform much better that the earlier one, Mohd Masiullah said, “The Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao is serious about improving the work atmosphere here in Wakf Board.”

The newly elected wakf board has 11 members that include Asad Owaisi, Kousar Mohiuddin, Akbar Nizamuddin, Moulana Abul Fatah Sayyad Bandagi Badshah Quadri, Zakir Hussain Javid and Farooq Hussain. The other five government appointed members are Mohd Masiullah Khan, Hyder Agha, Malik Motesham and Yasmeen Begum besides a sitting CEO of the wakf board.

However, the community activists remain skeptical about the functioning of the board.

“The order of CB-CID inquiry into land scam in Wakf Board was issued in the month of November last year but nothing has been witnessed on the ground yet. Some members are directly or indirectly involved in the scam that would be unravelled only after thorough investigation into the matter. More so, the cases of harassment to devotees at several shrines besides discrepancies in claiming bills are on the rise that should also be probed thoroughly,” held Syed Iftekhar Hussaini, a community activist.