Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Water Board allots 2 tmc to AP

Hyderabad: Krishna Water Management Board today offered to allot 2 tmc waters to Andhra Pradesh state from right canal of Nagarjuna Sagar.

The board met here at Jala Saudha nd discussed briefly on the Andhra Pradesh request for 2 tmc waters for drinking purpose.

The board has taken a decision in this regard as the state has already used its allotted share of waters for May.

The board member Paramesham,  engineers in chief of Telangana Muralidhar and AP,  Narayan Reddy met and gave nod fir 2 tmc allocation.

Narayan Reddy said that 500 ft  level was maintained at Sagar and waters allotted when it was even low.  Since Telangana share is put at 49tmc now the board can allot 2 tmc to AP,  Reddy urged.

He said that he asked the board to set aside water issues till May end and  consider Tummilla lift works,  losses to occur and related issues in Telangana.