Monday, July 15, 2024
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We will give Rs.25,000 to flood victims if we win in GHMC elections

HyderabadBJP MP D. Aravind today said that they would give Rs.25,000 each to all the flood victims of GHMC if they were voted to power in the upcoming elections. Targeting rival TRS party, he mocked that the ruling party was a party of lazy people and comedians.

He also said that the TRS party was trying to win the election by still banking upon the separate Telangana sentiment. He alleged that CM KCR’s family was receiving R.15 lakh as salary. He said that state minister KTR did not bring even a single company to Hyderabad Mocking the statement of CM KCR that he would play a pivotal role in national politics, Aravind wondered, if the CM, who did not get state secretariat would guide the country.

He alleged that the ruling TRS party did not give even a single ration card to the needy people of the state during the last six years. Targeting State Election Commission (SECC), he said that the commission had become a puppet in the hands of the state government.