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Wearing pink scarf means you have to work for Telangana people: MLC Kavitha

On Wednesday, Nizamabad MLC K Kavitha stated that the BRS party is like one big family. She stated that KCR has a big heart and humanitarian values, and that the party’s “Atmeeya Samelans” are larger than other parties’ public meetings. Those who wear a pink scarf bear a great deal of responsibility. She explained that wearing a pink scarf means you have to work for the people of Telangana. She urged that the schemes put in place by CM KCR be made available to the public.

Speaking at the “Athmiya Sammelanam” program in Nizamabad, Kavitha criticized contemporary political parties for raising slogans but failing to inform the public about their anti-people policies.

Kavitha stated that the BJP had nothing to do with Kisan and that “those wearing a scarlet scarf have made a great fuss about the Jai Jawan Jai Kisan.”

She clarified that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has offered his support to the families of the martyred jawans. If there is a true patriot, it is CM KCR, said Kavitha. She stated that over the last five years, the state government has spent 65,000 crore rupees on 65 lakh farmers in the state. She argued that governments in other parts of the country do not care about the poor. She also stated that only the Telangana government is concerned about the poor.

She recalled that the KCR kit scheme had been implemented for pregnant women. She stated that 66% of births are now taking place in government hospitals. If any scheme is not available to anyone due to minor technical issues, activists were advised to work with officials to resolve the issue.

“Let us follow the path of our leader KCR. Every day from morning to evening, KCR thinks of what new programme to bring for the people of Telangana. He is constantly thinking of what new scheme to bring for the welfare of Telangana people.” Kavitha praised the local MLA Ganesh Gupta for his excellent work. She stated that other party leaders are stepping forward to join BRS after seeing the good work he is doing.

She believes that people from other parties are spreading false information about the BRS leadership on social media. Kavitha urged activists to respond strongly by telling 100 truths for every lie told by the opposition.







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