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Why are Rahul Gandhi and Congress silent on CAA, asks Vijayan

Reiterating the Kerala government’s position that the CAA will not be implemented in the state, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan slammed Congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, for their silence on this issue.

“Right from 2019 when this issue first surfaced, inside and outside the parliament, the Left was strongly against it, but surprisingly the Congress played hide and seek. Even in Kerala, the Congress initially showed some inclination for a joint protest, but backed out later,” he said while interacting with the media here.

Vijayan also said that Rahul Gandhi, on his yatra, had not said anything about the Centre’s move on the CAA early this week.

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“Why is he silent on it? We never heard anything from the Congress President either and most surprising was the response from Congress General Secretary, K.C. Venugopal, a candidate in the upcoming polls. He only questioned why the BJP waited till the eve of the Lok Sabha polls to bring this. So from what he said, it means the Congress only differed on the timing,” Vijayan claimed

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