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With daughter on shoulder, man shot at in UP; critically injured

In a shocking incident, a young man, carrying his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter on his shoulder, was shot by a criminal. The video capturing this horrifying event has gone viral on the social media.

The video clip shows a young man Shoaib carrying his daughter on his shoulder when suddenly an armed assailant approaches and shoots him in the head at close range. After the attack, the two culprits, who were waiting on a motorcycle, flee the scene.

This incident reportedly took place late on Sunday night in the Babuzai area under the Chowk police circle jurisdiction.

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The sound of the gunshot alerted the victim’s family members, who rushed outside. Chaos ensued at the scene, and the severely injured young man was promptly taken to the hospital. His condition remains critical. He is now being treated in a hospital in Delhi.

The child, however, is safe having suffered only minor injuries. Based on the written complaint, the police have registered a report against three suspects, including the alleged shooter, Tariq. Two of the accused have been apprehended, while efforts are underway to locate the third.

Investigations have revealed that the accused shooter’s brother was initially engaged to the same woman Chandni who later married the victim. However, their engagement was called off, which infuriated the shooter. Feeling humiliated by the broken engagement, he orchestrated this incident as an act of revenge. Tariq had expressed intentions of seeking revenge for the perceived humiliation multiple times within the community.

According to SP Ashok Kumar Meena, a murder case has been filed against three individuals in this matter. “Based on the video evidence, the suspects have been identified. Efforts are underway to locate and apprehend them. We have four teams dedicated to this investigation,” he said.







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