Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Home Exclusive With face masks on, citizens complain of skin irritation

With face masks on, citizens complain of skin irritation

To arrest the spread of coronavirus, wearing of face masks have been made compulsory for everyone in the state and beyond, however, constant use of masks also raise health concern as citizens are now complaining of skin irritation and burning sensation all over the face due to its regular use.

“Keeping ourselves into isolation with holding masks all the time itself is a telling experience. Carrying the same at traveling and during work time taking a toll on the health as irritation around mouth and ears causing pain all the time besides developing rashes on the skin,” said Mohammed Shoeb, a resident of Hussaini Alam.

Anil, a resident of Shivrampally, said “Wearing a mask sometimes distracting the attention while driving the vehicles. Wearing the mask along with the helmet is really a tough task to handle. It is something like taking care of a baby. No one knows when the strings get loose while you are busy with your work and you need to relocate it soon leaving all the work aside. Trying to relocate the strings especially while driving would be a risky affair as it may cause an accident.”

“I have a skin infection issue for several years and wearing the mask all the time is accelerating the issue ever since the nose piece was made mandatory. I don’t know how long the virus exists but the fact is it is causing immense pain and it became difficult to keeping hold of it all the time,” said Farzana Begum, a resident of Bahadurpura.

“Wearing the masks all the time is no doubt difficult and painful. But at the same time, it helps arrest the spread of contagion to other people. The issue is how well you manage to wear the masks and chose the right thing to wear. Having no proper knowledge of safe and secure masks also a point of concern,” said Feroz, who used to run medical hall and even sell the masks of a different variety.

“Mask during the time of corona is a blessing but it can be cursed if we do not understand its use in a proper manner or if we use the same regularly. The use of masks causes the inhalation of carbon dioxide again and again. That would end up giving us headaches as well as some dizzy sensation. A tight use of masks will cause of dermatitis because of the moisture which is involved.  Dirty masks itself can cause perioral infections and colonization can lead to much bigger problem than corona itself. So with masks usage comes with responsibility. Used it properly, and appropriately and more important is change it frequently,” informed, Dr. Ashish Chauhan, Consultant Internal Medicine.