Sunday, October 25, 2020
Home Crime Woman Alleges Being Targeted as 'Kashmiri', Delhi Police Registers FIR

Woman Alleges Being Targeted as ‘Kashmiri’, Delhi Police Registers FIR

New Delhi: A Kashmiri woman dwelling in south-east Delhi took to Twitter to report alleged intruding and manhandling by her landlady. The woman blamed the Delhi landlady for targeting her for being a Kashmiri.

The lady furthermore posted an image, demonstrating the physical wounds she endured during the manhandling.

The police filed a case on the charges made by the woman and have begun an investigation. The landlady too registered a police complaint, which is likewise being investigated, said the authorities.

The police stated they got a PCR call on Wednesday in the Amar Colony police headquarters at 8.40 p.m. concerning a burglary in a house subsequent to breaking the locks.

Upon arriving at the location, it was discovered that the fourth floor of the house in East of Kailash was lent to one Noor Bhatt and her sister, citizens of Rajbagh in Srinagar locale of Jammu and Kashmir. The landlady, Taruna Makhija, had settled on the PCR call.

Noor claimed in a progression of tweets: “So my landlady enters my house along with a man that I have never seen in my whole life and starts to call me and my friends ‘TERRORISTS’ just because we are from KASHMIR that too, in front of a police official. They trespassed, broke in and took our money, furniture.”

As per the police, Noor Bhatt asserted that Taruna Makhija broke the locks of the house and discarded furniture and furthermore took their clothes and Rs 20,000.

R.P. Meena, DCP South East stated: “It has also come to notice that a dispute and quarrel had also taken place earlier over the payment of rent and not paying of electricity bills by the tenant. The electricity was also disconnected by the BSES. Noor Bhatt has given a written complaint and a case u/s 448/380/457/323/509 IPC has been registered at PS Amar Colony and the same is being investigated.”

The landlady Taruna Makhija has likewise given a composed complaint that is being analyzed.

Taruna Makhija, in her defense, stated: “The girls entered our house in June this year. However, after making initial payments they started delaying the rent and have also roughed up the BSES employees once. We have also made a police complaint.”



source: with input from ians