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Woman attends to dead son’s injuries all night thinking he is alive

In a heartbreaking incident, the elderly mother of a man attended to her son’s injuries and spent the whole night sitting beside him after he fatally fell in their home in Mumbai without knowing that he was no more, according to the police.  

The police reported the incident on Wednesday that took place in the early hours of Monday after the 42-year-old man fell in the bathroom of their home situated in the Kalina area of Maharashtra’s capital while being in a drunk state.  

A police official said that the fall brought serious head injuries to the victim who was originally from Meghalaya. 

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When the 70-year-old mother saw her son lying motionless in the bathroom after some time passed, she dragged him single-handedly out of the room and let him rest beside the elder brother of the victim who is bed-ridden, he added.  

She went ahead to apply turmeric paste to her son’s injuries for treating them thinking him to be alive.  

When the man did not gain consciousness the next morning, she told their relatives about the matter who hurriedly came to their home.  

Seeing the condition, the relatives informed the police who rushed to reach their house. They took the victim to a hospital located close immediately where he was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctors of the health centre, the cop said.  

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Since the lockdown was imposed in the country due to the fear of the pandemic, the family remained poor financially and the victim did not have a source of income.  

The police said that they have lodged a case in the matter and further probe is going on to ascertain more details. Speaking about the same, Avinash Dharmadhikari, a senior police officer of the area said, “On the basis of primary information, we have registered an accidental death report and an investigation is underway into the case.”

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