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World Cup Final defeats Tiger 3 Box Office collection

On the day of the highly anticipated World Cup 2023 final between India and Australia in Ahmedabad, the domestic box office for the spy film Tiger 3 experienced a notable downturn. According to a report, Tiger 3 garnered approximately 10.25 crore nett on Sunday, a decline from its Saturday earnings of 18.5 crore nett. The film, starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi, and directed by Maneesh Sharma, hit theatres on November 12.

Despite the initial drop, Tiger 3 had an impressive start with a massive ₹44.5 crore nett in India across all languages. Its first Monday saw the film achieve its highest day-wise collection, reaching 59.25 crore nett in India across all languages. However, the film experienced its lowest collection on November 19, with earnings of 10.25 crore nett.

Breaking down the day-wise collections, Tiger 3 earned ₹44.3 crore nett in all languages on day 3, ₹21.1 crore nett on day 4, ₹18.5 crore nett on day 5, ₹13.25 crore nett on day 6, and ₹18.5 crore nett on day 7. Globally, the film has exceeded expectations by accumulating over ₹357 crore in its first week in theatres.

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Salman Khan, expressing his gratitude, remarked that the success of the Tiger franchise feels “very personal.” He thanked the audience for their love and support, particularly for embracing his action-packed portrayal as superspy Tiger. As the latest instalment of the film series continues to achieve significant success at the box office, the actor remains appreciative of the audience’s ongoing enthusiasm.

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