Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Worldwide COVID death count may hit 2 million before vaccine comes says WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the worldwide COVID death toll could hit 2,000,000 preceding an effective vaccine is widely used.

The BBC announced that Mike Ryan the WHO emergencies head on Friday said that the figure could be higher without concerted international action.

The number of Covid-19 death is fast and moving towards 1,000,000 – nine months after the episode began in China.

Ryan urged the Europeans to ask themselves the question of whether they had done enough to avoid the requirement of lockdowns.

He raised various questions on whether all the alternatives had been implemented, like testing, quarantine, isolation, social distancing, wearing of masks, and washing of hands.

Another eight districts under Coronavirus restrictions were brought in Spain’s capital Madrid. Which now millions of people in the city are now affected.

Staff from the bar and restaurants in the southern city Marseille of France protested against the closure of their workplaces which was brought in on Saturday.

Tougher restrictions were announced in several regions of the United Kingdom (UK) as new daily infections rise.

The young people should not be blamed for the recent increase in the infections and despite the growing concerns that youths are the reason for it’s spread and restrictions. Lockdowns were eased around the world. “I hope we don’t get into finger-wagging: it’s all because of the youth. The last thing a young person needs is an old person pontificating and wagging the finger.” Ryan told.

The World Health Organization is in talks with China and its involvement in the financing scheme design of COVAX to guarantee fast and equitable access globally to the COVID-19 vaccine, a week after the deadline for committing passed.

Bruce Aylward told that “We’re in discussions with China about the role they may play as we go forward.”

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