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Zomato Delivery Guy Files Complaint Against Customer For Assault

The Zomato delivery person who was recently accused of assaulting a customer has registered an FIR against the customer. The incident took place in Bangalore.

Customer Reported Assault Via Social Media

In the complaint registered by Kamaraj (Zomato Delivery person), he said that he was wrongly accused of assaulting the customer named Hitesha Chandranee.

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Chandrani posted a video on social media and accused Kamaraj of hitting her and leaving her with a bleeding nose after they had a heated argument. She said that he had delayed the food delivery following which there was an argument between the two.

However, Kamaraj said that the Hitesh tried to abuse him and slap him. And while he was trying to protect himself, Hitesh hurt her nose.

Kannada Activists Side With Kamaraj

After Hitesha’s accusations, the police arrested Kamaraj. Soon after the arrest, the issue took the local vs outsider turn and some of the Kannada activists took Kamaraj’s side. Meanwhile he had lost his job at Zomato and was in police custody.
When he was released, the Kannada activists helped him post a video about the whole incident. In the video, he said that Hitesha hit him with slippers. He said that after he delivered the food and was waiting for payment, the assault began.Kamaraj clarified that there was a delay in delivery because of the traffic and bad roads but Chandranee didn’t pay head to it.
For now, the police are investigating the matter further.

Celebrities Back Kamaraj 

Soon after the video of Hitesha went viral over social media, the “internet trial” began. While some bashed Kamaraj for assaulting Hitesha and some heavily criticised Hitesha for falsely accusing the poor delivery person.

At the same time, Zomato also assured support and investigation into the matter. They released a statement and said that they Kamaraj has been working with them since a long time. They will be covering the medical expenses of the customer and further investigating into the matter.

Actress Parineeti Chopra took to social media to ask for the truth. In the post, she said that whoever is guilty should be punished. On the other hand, Tanushree Dutta took to Instagram to express her views on the same. In the post she said that Hitesha’s arrest was nothing but a PR stunt on behalf of Zomato so their “angel investors” don’t back out. She further claimed that there was no other side to the story except the one that Hitesha told.