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Zomato Denies Involvement in Helmet-less Woman Biking Video

Responding to a post showing a video of a woman riding a motorcycle without a helmet dressed as a delivery partner of the online food delivery firm in Indore, Zomato Founder, and CEO Deepinder Goyal on Tuesday clarified that the company had “absolutely nothing to do with this”.

A user posted the video on ‘X’ on Monday, saying: “Indore #Zomato marketing head had this idea. He hired a model to drive around with an empty Zomato bag for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. @zomato is on a roll.” 

Tagging the user’s post, Goyal responded, saying: “We had absolutely nothing to do with this. We don’t endorse helmet-less biking. Also, we don’t have an Indore Marketing Head.” 

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“This seems to be someone just ‘free-riding’ on our brand. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with women delivering food – we have hundreds of women who deliver food every day to earn a livelihood for their families, and we are proud of their work ethic,” he added. 

The video had gone viral with over 1.8 million views.  Several users expressed their opinions on this development. “Nice to you Mr Deepinder that you clarify! Using someone’s name and doing whatever without permission is offence, if I am not wrong,” a user wrote.  “Haha glad you clarified immediately else you will be reached by many creators PAN India level,” another user said.

Last month, in a highly irresponsible move, Zomato was slammed on social media for tagging Gurugram Police in a “banana chips” post on ‘X’.  However, the company later apologized and deleted the post when a user on ‘X’ brought the matter to light. 

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