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​​​Million March defines the mettle of ‘Tahreek Muslim Shabban’

Underlining the need to wage a united war against the hyperpolarized communal onslaught of the BJP and the fringe groups completely in the thrall of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the President Tahreek Muslim Shabban (TMS), Mushtaq Malik said, “There is a need to bring all the Organizations championing the cause of Muslims in the country together under an umbrella and work with like-minded political parties having conflict with the RSS and BJP to fight the communal onslaught of the group of the saffron cartel.”

During an interview with ‘Y-This News’, the founder and present Chief of the Tahreek Muslim Shabban said “It is well-nigh impossible to defend the secular fabric of the country with the ongoing onslaught of divisive forces infested with RSS and its card-carrying political fold the BJP which is presently ruling the country and violently imposing the saffron ideology.”

​Born in the year 1960 in Darulshifa area in the southern part of the Hyderabad city, Mushtak Malik did his Bachelor in Commerce from Mumtaz College and Diploma in Commerce from Indian Merchant Chamber of Commerce Bombay before joining Tameer-e-Millat at the young age of 17.

Soon the flamboyant and haranguing young leader emerged on the political horizon of Hyderabad as the didactic tone he used to address the public meetings organized by tamer-e-millat earned him the laurels while the organizational skills illustrate his leadership qualities to mobilize the support across the country.

After an informal announcement in the year 1991 when the temptation of Rath Yatra of L.K. Advani was at its peak, the Tahreek Muslim Shabban was formally founded in the year 1992 just a few months ahead of the Babri Masjid carnage.

TMS as driving force behind the ‘Million March’

Talking on the successful launch of ‘Million March’ on January 4, 2020, against the draconian laws like CAA, NRC, and NPR, he said, “Though the ‘Million March’ was proposed at Necklace road earlier, however, the police insisted and granted permission to hold the same at Dhara Chowk. But, the whole country stood witness to the success of Million March as all the roads around the protest site were seen crammed with protestors turned up to participate in the demonstration.

Explaining the role the TMS played in mobilizing and holding the Million March successfully by vanquishing all the hurdles in the way, he said, the success of the March itself is a conclusive proof of a support the Tahreek enjoys among the community in Hyderabad and beyond.

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Moving with a blow-by-blow account of the preparations, he said, we gave a clarion call that garnered the support of around 40 organizations cutting across the country. Later, we formed a Joint Action Committee (JAC) to square off the issues pertaining to mobilizing like-minded leaders and people and discussed them in length before sewing the strategy. This is just to avoid gate-crashing of disruptive elements intended to disrupt the peaceful nature of the protest.

“This decisive movement against the state-imposed apartheid laws aimed at Muslims was turned into a magnificent display of an outburst of emotions against the BJP government and its vengeful policies against a largest religious minority in the country. We just brought the gamut of emotions on the ground while the ‘Million March’ ensured its place in the history of movements across the nation. We needs more such movements to counter BJP-RSS advancement in the country,” asserted Mushtak Malik.

“Earlier, he said, neither the police was inclined to grant permission without imposing condition nor the local political party – claiming to be a champion of Muslim cause, was ready to digest the support the Tahreek got from within the community for the March at that time.”

While the police was seen disinclined in granting permission for peaceful protest and insisted to hold the same completely indoors, he said, the Jamat of the old city also played as a fifth column and tried its best to demoralize the people by waging vilifying propaganda simply to belittle the Tahreek. “However, Mushtak Malik said, “Vanquishing all the hurdles, the Tahreek went on to hold the protest that left the BJP government swept under the carpet as the march has successfully sent a strong message to divisive forces.”

Supporting Anti RSS-BJP parties

“Muslims alone can’t be able to fight the morbid ideology of the Sangh buttressed by the support of BJP, a political power that holds sway over a large part of the country,” he said adding that, “In such a volatile situation, it is a need of the hour for the Muslims to strengthen and buttress support to those political parties and folds having dialogical conflicts with the RSS and its political fold like BJP.”

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“These divisive forces are actually spreading communal infection in the country with an aim to cause decay in the predominant pluralistic society thereby harming the integrity and sovereignty of the nation,” he said adding that any of the political folds claiming to have going the whole hog against the RSS and BJP individually is actually playing in the hands of the saffron brigade,” Argued the chief of TMS.

RSS’s Muhammadan Hindu Ploy

Debating over the RSS resolution that promotes the idea of ‘Muhammadan Hindu’ but outrightly torn apart by the Muslims several decades ago, he said, “The whole idea behind the Muhammadan Hindu resolution that speaks and promote Muslims who offer namaz at mosques and at the same time perform puja at temples regardless of the Shariah law professed by Islam.”

“Though it is ok with them to accept Muslims performing religion with their customs and duties but want them to take part in all the rituals and customs performed under Hindu religion as well which is not at all accepted under Sharia law that prohibits idol worship,” argued the TMS Chief.

By promoting the incoherent idea of Muhammadan Hindu, they want to bring in a cultural appropriation of Muslims into Hindu society the same way they tricked other communities in the country like Shiks, Dalits, Buddhists, Christians, Jains, and Parsees. However, Muslims outrightly opposed the same from the beginning.

It is against this background the Tahreek is squarely focusing on bringing the like-minded anti-RSS-BJP organizations and parties under one umbrella to form a decisive force against the divisive forces infested with RSS ideology and intending to find a casus belli to harm the secular framework of the country.

Making Muslim an ‘Apartheid Class’

Dragging conclusion towards his point the TMS Leader said, “Following rejection of its idea of ‘Muhammadan Hindu’ by the Muslims, the RSS is trying is best to turn the Muslim community into socially apartheid population ever since the BJP came to power in 2014.”

“The plan is simply to divide the entire country’s population into two separate blocks such as ‘Hindu Block’ with 80 percent non-Muslim – that include anti-BJP parties like Congress, Samta and etc, on he on hand and ‘Muslim Block’ on the other with just a proportion of 20 percent Muslim population. In such a situation, if we target anti-BJP parties like Congress, Samta and etc., it would squarely play into the hands of RSS,” contended Mushtak Malik.

Movements Planned Ahead

Elucidating about the intending programs this year, The Tahreek Chief said “The organization will continue to hold a public meeting this year in order to put a fire in the belly of Muslims about the proliferation of the society from the evil onslaught of saffron folds who are on the verge to destroy the essence of the democratic framework of the country and jeopardizing its sovereignty.”