Friday, November 27, 2020
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5 parties get symbols ahead GHMC polls

Hyderabad: The State Election Commission has announced symbols for five political parties contesting the GHMC polls.

In its orders, the poll body has stated on Thursday that the symbols will remain for five years for their use.

The parties got the symbols confirmed by the State Election Commission are — Hindustan party – Coconut Farm, India Prajabandhu party – Trumpet, Jana Sena Party — Glass Tumbler, Marxist Party of India United — Gas Cylinder and Indian Praja Congress — Whistle

The State Election Commission has clarified that these parties can make of the symbols allotted for five years and contest any sort of elections. If they failed to contest for 10 percent of the seats their symbols will be canceled, the State Election Commission has clarified. These parties cannot apply for the symbols in five years. The symbols are confined to the areas of the contest and can be given to other parties for the contest in other locations.

Form A and B have to be submitted to the poll body as per norms by 3 pm on November 20.