Monday, June 14, 2021
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9th Grand Nursery Mela begins with a soothing display of flora

The soothing and succulent event of 9th Grand Nursery Mela begins at Necklace road today on a grand note wherein hundreds of eye-catching stalls of different varieties of fruit, flower, and fragrance plantlets besides medicinal plants, wooden miniatures, and furniture of various companies put on to display under one roof.

Finance Minister Harish Rao inaugurated the 9th Grand Nursery Mela at Necklace Road. “It is very much important to promote the ‘compassion of nature’ through organizing such events. It is good to see more and more people are getting closer to nature by promoting gardens on their lawns and terrace. We need to teach the same to our children as human health is directly linked with the environment,” he said while visiting the stalls going round the room.

The Mela also put on to display a variety of organic fertilizers, pesticides, coco peat, plant nutrient supplements, scintillating pots, planters, shade nets, spray pumps, lawnmowers, grow bags, quire bags, ceramic pots, terracotta pots, roof gardening, vertical gardening, landscaping, hydrophobic, farmhouse and terrace gardening equipment besides flower, fruit and bulb saplings, seeds and seedlings.

Cactus, succulent, arcades and adenium besides exotic plants add more joy to the Mela where people keep peering around the bloomed flowing varieties without batting an eyelid even for a moment. However, the steep price souring the mood of the people as the plant lovers find it very expensive as compared to general days.

“Though there are hundreds of varieties of saplings put on display this time but the prices are quite discoursing the mood as we are able to get them easily on a cheaper rate in general days. Though all the tools and toys of home gardening were brought under one roof the prices are quite discouraging and pushing us back. Buying good things here is like costing a fortune. We can’t even get the things even after a bargaining hunt,” rued Mrs.Kamala, a plant enthusiast who visited the Mela on its first day.

“Although there is no free meal in the world, few of the stalls are offering reasonable prices, if not all of them. We have picked up what we feel appropriate and affordable to us and leave what holds no worth buying,” L.Swapna, another plant lover at the Mela.

“We have already suffered a loss like last year no such event was organized due to pandemic. This time we are expecting some good sale to recuperate the losses we have suffered all these days,” said Bharat, who sets up a stall of wooden pens, pencils brushes, and other organic miniatures.