Thursday, September 23, 2021
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A swift sanitation drive earned Jalpally officials applause from people

While the preparations ahead of festivals are considered as tough tasks to carry out by the sanitary staff, the arrangements of Eid-ul-Adha only multiply their labour as the discarded animals’ waste gives no much time to shift it from one place to another without experiencing the asphyxiating stinking odour. However, the sanitation drive taken up this time by the Jalpally municipality won applause from the public who often heard venting frustration on officials for not paying heed to their issues.

As against the widely believe assumption of “Baldiya Khaya Piya Chaldiya” when it comes to attending public grievances, The Jalpally municipality officials took the post-Bakrid stinking trash issue seriously and handled it with such an alacrity that receives laurels from the public this time to say the least.

“Disposal of animal waste post scarification is really a litmus test for the municipality. Post scarification of animals, the visceral parts were generally thrown out into nearby garbage dumping points that led to the spread of reeking smell. The ongoing rains too could add fuel to the situation but the sanitary teams this year were seen actively carting away the animal waste on the Eid day that prevented the malodorous situation in our area. Hope the same spirit and alacrity would remain continued by the municipality officials henceforth,” said Syed Asif Ali, a resident of Shaheen Nagar, Jalpally.

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“Impromptu measures of sanitary officials in shifting the animal waste on Eid day have prevented a pitiable situation of unbearable foul smell and grimes in the colonies. We are thankful to our MLA Sabitha Indra Reddy and the Commissioner Jalpally Municipality G.P.Kumar for making this Eid special for us,” said elated Abdallah Bin Mohammed Basravi, a resident of Pahadi Shareef.

However, there are people who are still not satisfied with the way their pleas for redressal of stinking issues were addressed by the authorities. “Tons of animal waste has been dumped close to our area called Wadi-e-Mustafa in Ward No.21. Despite making several calls for early removal of the stinking trash from the area, no attention was paid for almost three days as if we were barking up on the wrong tree,” bemoaned Aleem.

“We have carted away nearly 40 lorries of animal waste thrown out on the street on Eid day. More ecstatic is the response of people who called us frequently to loud the measures being taken to dispose of the trash promptly. Some sexagenarians too made calls to thank us for the task we continued for almost two days after the Eid. First time in three years we received such a public response to the sanitary measures and this is really encouraging,” informed G.P.Kumar, Commissioner Jalpally Municipality.