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After mass suicide in Bhopal, MP govt seeks ban on online loan offering apps

A day after a family of four committed mass suicide due to heavy debt, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra on Friday said a Special Investigation Team (SIT) would probe the matter and urged the Centre to ban the online loan offering apps.

Bhupendra Vishwakarma had taken a loan from an “online money App” and later he was threatened and his morphed (nude photographs) were shared with his relatives. His mobile was hacked. “I have asked the police to prepare a list to identify Apps offering loans. I would also request the Centre to ban all such applications and tools,” Mishra added.

Police said that Bhupendra was operating a small business and had taken loans from an online app. “It was found that he has borrowed Rs 17 lakh from an online app, but, the suicide note suggested that the amount could be more. The couple first administered poison to their two minor sons and then hanged themselves,” a senior Sub-Inspector posted at Bhopal’s Ratibad police station told.

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Bodies of Bhupendra Vishwakarma (38), his wife Ritu (35), and their two minor sons — Rituraj (3) and Rishiraj (9) were taken to their home district Rewa this morning.

Police said, in his suicide note (WhatsApp message), Dhirendra mentioned that he was under a ‘debt trap’, which forced him to take the extreme step.

He also mentioned that because of the “debt trap”, his family was made to suffer a lot and he wasn’t able to handle the pressure.

“All the family members were in trouble because of one mistake and I would apologize to all of them. I was doing a job for an online firm, which offered money, but later, I realized that I was in a debt trap. I would apologize to my family and parents, please forgive me,” the suicide note read.







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