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Al-Shifa Hospital under complete siege: Gaza Health Ministry

Gaza Health Ministry on Monday said that Al-Shifa Hospital — the biggest hospital in Gaza — is under complete siege by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

“There are more than 100 bodies in the hospital compound which have now begun to decompose,” the Gaza Health Ministry said in a statement.

It said there is an unprecedented risk of epidemic due to the decomposing of the bodies. “The corpse smell has begun to spread everywhere,” the ministry said.

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It said that there was no food and water in the hospital for the survivors and added that there are more than 8,000 people who are inside the hospital premises. The ministry said even though the IDF has claimed that the Al- Wahida Street is a safe passage to enter and exit the Al-Shifa Hospital they (IDF) are targeting whosoever tries to leave the hospital.

The ministry said that the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Al-Shifa Hospital has been targeted twice by the IDF. It said that the IDF offered 300 liters of diesel but asked someone to come out of the hospital and collect the fuel.

“The Hospital Director refused the offer and asked the fuel to be handed over to the International Red Cross which was not agreed by IDF,” the ministry said. The ministry said that the Al-Shifa Hospital requires 500 liters of diesel per hour for smooth functioning. The IDF has claimed that the Al-Shifa Hospital is being used by Hamas as a base and the facility is operating as a command center for the organization.

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