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Another Fire Incident in Hyderabad Adds to Safety Concerns

Another fire accident occurred in Hyderabad,this time in an apartment in Laad Bazaar, close to Charminar. The fire started while the residents were gone attending a wedding.

Although the actual source of the fire is unknown, it is believed to have begun on the balcony, maybe as a result of a fallen cracker. Although no lives were lost, the fire caused a financial loss of 5-6 lakh.

This incident comes on the heels of a recent fire in Bazarghat, which claimed the lives of nine people. The Bazarghat fire started on the ground floor in a car garage and soon spread to the top stories, trapping inhabitants.

The Laad Bazaar fire is the second in a week at a residential structure in Hyderabad. Despite attempts to promote awareness about fire safety, over 6,000 registered fire accidents have occurred in Hyderabad since 2019, generating damages in excess of Rs 120 crore and claiming the lives of 46 people.

Authorities are working hard to address the increase in fires and promote fire safety practices in the city.

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