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Diwali Fire Tragedy Claims Lives in Hyderabad

The tragic fire incident in Hyderabad occurred on Diwali, transforming a joyful mood into one of sorrow and loss. Thahoora Farheen, a dentist, was among those died while visiting her parents in Bazaar Guard with her three children, daughters Mariyam and Yusra and son Talha.

The vacation visit turned terrible when dense smoke covered the building, trapping them and resulted in their tragic suffocation.

Zakir Hussain, 67, and his wife Nikhath Sultana, a schoolteacher, also died in the fire. The couple, who lived on the third floor of the building, had a bad luck as the smoke quickly spread, leaving them with no way out.

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To add to the tragedy, Thahoora Begum’s brother, Hasib-ur-Rahman, also died in the incident. Hasib, who worked alongside his father in their family business, perished in the horrific fire.

Witnesses described the scene as frightening, with cries and commotion reverberating throughout the building. Locals went above and above to save those trapped in the structure. Fears that the fire will spread to neighboring buildings prompted the evacuation of surrounding inhabitants.

The inquiry into the cause of the fire is still continuing, although initial suspicions point to combustible goods, notably chemical barrels, housed on the building’s ground level. This sad occurrence serves as a sharp reminder of the need of strong fire safety measures and good storage procedures in assuring inhabitants’ safety and averting similar devastating events in the future.

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