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Another Name Change For Uttar Pradesh, Badaun To Vedamau

In the latest update, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has suggested a change in the name of Badaun district to Vedamau.

Badaun Was Known To Be Most Fertile Land In The World

During his speech at the function, he said there was a time in the history when Badaun was known as Vedamau. It was a centre for Vedic studies and was known to be the most fertile land in the world. Although, there has been no formal demand in the change of name but the local Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unit has spurred into action.

Rajit Sabharwal, a local BJP leader spoke to the media and said that they will not put a formal demand for the change of name for Badaun. He informed that they have started to make preparations and are going through history to state out facts. He further hoped for the process to be completed before elections.

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As indicated by legendary stories, Badaun was named after Ahir sovereign Budhh. It has been noted by Prof. Goti John that this city was named ‘Bedamooth’ in an old engraving and this area was called Panchal.

As indicated by the lines on stone writeup, there was a town ‘Bhadaunlak’ close to the city. A Muslim student of history, Roz Khan Lodhi, said that here the Ashoka – The Great assembled a Buddh Vihar and a fortification and named it as BuddhMau.

Curiously, Badaun presently has a 21 percent Muslim populace. It is vital that a proposition to change the name of Aligarh to Harigarh and Sultanpur to Kushbhawanpur are already submitted with the state government.

Faizabad Railroad Station To Ayodhya Cantt

The Faizabad railroad station will currently be called ‘Ayodhya Cantt’, after the UP government’s choice was endorsed by the central government earlier. The improvement happened before long UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s office proposed the arrangement.

In the mean time, the opposition named the move as an endeavor to “play with Hindu feelings” for political advantages. The chief minister, be that as it may, advocated renaming, saying it is essential for endeavors to “reestablish the rich verifiable and social character” of the spot.

The station will be known as the Ayodhya Cantt rail line station, the tweet from UP CM’s office said, adding that the choice was taken by the central priest. In another tweet, the CM’s office said the Center also has allowed its agree to the choice and Adityanath has given green sign to give a notice in such manner.