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Apple Plans to Hire 500,000 Employees in India

Apple’s decision to diversify its manufacturing away from China has led to a significant shift in its focus towards India. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple’s production faced severe challenges, pushing the company to establish a more stable manufacturing base elsewhere. India has emerged as a primary target for Apple’s expansion plans, with notable advancements in both infrastructure development and employee prioritization.

Recent reports indicate that Apple, through its vendors, may employ over 500,000 people in India within the next three years, according to information from PTI citing government sources. This marks a substantial increase from the current workforce of around 150,000 employees in the country.

Tata Electronics, which operates two plants for Apple, stands out as the primary job creator. A senior government official told PTI that Apple is set to expand its workforce in India significantly, estimating that the company will employ around 500,000 people through its vendors and component suppliers over the next three years.

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Apple’s investment in India’s workforce and infrastructure aligns with its goal of increasing production by over five times to approximately $40 billion (around 332,000 crores) within 4-5 years. This major allocation of resources has already begun yielding positive results, as evidenced by Apple’s leading position in India’s market revenue for 2023. Despite Samsung’s lead in volume sales, Apple has made strides in shipments, surpassing the 10 million unit mark for the first time.

Moreover, Apple’s iPhone exports from India experienced a significant jump, reaching $12.1 billion in 2023-24 from $6.27 billion in 2022-23, nearly doubling within a year, as reported by trade intelligence platform The Trade Vision.

Although Apple has yet to provide official comments on these projections and claims, its growing presence in India’s technology sector is apparent, with the company’s ongoing commitment to expanding its manufacturing and workforce in the region.

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